Erosion Control Products

Coon Creek Sod Farms, LLC offers many erosion control products to our customers that help protect new seedlings, stabilize soils, and minimize erosion. All of our erosion control blankets that we have available are biodegradable for environmentally safe solutions.

  • American Excelsior Blanket

    4’ x 112.5’ = 450’ Or 50 Sq. Yards
    8 ’x 112.5’ = 900’ Or 100 Sq. Yards

    Excelsior blankets are designed to promote growing conditions for grass seed on slopes or areas that are prone to erosion. These blankets combine a dense layer of 100% curled wood that is green in color with a rapid go photodegradable single layer of plastic netting.

  • Enviroscape Straw Blanket

    4’ x 112.5’ = 450’ Or 50 Sq. Yards
    8’ x 112.5’ = 900’ Or 100 Sq. Yards

    Straw blankets are an ideal choice for using on slopes that are less steep or areas where you want to conserve moisture after seeding. These blankets are made from certified weed free straw that is natural in color with a rapid go photodegradable single layer of plastic netting.

  • PennMulch (Seed Stabilizer)

    40 lb. Bag Covers 800’
    10 lb. Bag Covers 200’

    After watering PennMulch it will expand to 3 times its original size allowing it to retain moisture and improve seed establishment. Can be applied with a spreader or sprayed through a hydroseeder. Now contains tackifier and 1-2-0.5 starter fertilizer.

  • Straw Bales

    1 Bale Covers 800’

    Use straw bales after seeding has been completed to conserve moisture and provide protection against erosion. Our straw bales measure 42” long, 19” wide, and 14 1/2” tall. We sell our straw bales individually or in steel banded bundles of 21 for easy handling with forklifts or skid steers.

  • Staples

    U Shaped
    4” 100 Ct. Bag
    4” 500 Ct. Box
    4” 1,000 Ct. Box

    Round Top
    6” 500 Ct. Box
    6” 1,000 Ct. Box

    We recommend using these U shaped or round top metal staples to secure our erosion control blankets. Our staples are available in different quantities to meet our customer’s needs and we suggest using 1 staple per square yard of blanket.

  • Sod Stakes

    8” 800 Ct. Bag

    Our sod stakes are made of high quality wood and measure 8” long and are triangular in shape. We sell our sod stakes individually or in bags of 800 depending on the customer’s needs. When installing sod on slopes, we recommend using 2 stakes per roll of sod to secure the sod in place.

Contact Coon Creek Sod Farms, LLC or call us directly at 847-683-2700 for prices on our erosion control products or with any questions that you may have.