Coon Creek Sod Farms, LLC offers our customers EarthWay fertilizer spreaders at reasonable prices. We have chosen to offer these tools to aid in the application of our products that are for sale to our customers. EarthWay designs, engineers, and manufactures high quality lawn and garden products used by homeowners and professionals alike worldwide.

  • EarthWay 2150 Push Type Spreader

    50 lb. Hopper Capacity
    Large 13”x 4” Pneumatic Tires

  • EarthWay 2170 Push Type Spreader

    100 lb. Hopper Capacity
    Large 13”x 4” Pneumatic Tires

  • Chapin 8620B Pull Type Spreader

    150 lb. Hopper Capacity
    Large 14″ Pneumatic Tires
    Rain Cover Included

  • Chapin 2750 Shoulder Strap Bag Spreader

    20 lb. Hopper Capacity

    A great spreader to use when seeding or fertilizing on slopes or in wet areas. The nylon bag hopper is tear and weather resistant and equipped with a zippered top for easy filling.

  • Dyclomec Gravity Flow Spreader

    This spreader is ideal for use with Quali-Pro T/I 2.5G and Treflan 5G herbicide products. The spreader comes with 3 adjustable settings and eliminates skin to chemical contact.

Contact Coon Creek Sod Farms, LLC or call us directly at 847-683-2700 for prices on our spreaders or with any questions that you may have.